Photography is a technical kind of art. The camera can be a tough tool to really learn and control, but here at Camera Land, we want to help. With this in mind, we’ve created a physical place where people can learn about photography from actual photographers that are also great teachers. We’ve established an educational space that is full of fun, offering easy-to-follow classes, all while providing a supportive environment for photographers to expand their knowledge.

Welcome to the Camera Land Learning Center. The Camera Land Learning Center is a reputable educational center where we teach, have fun, and make using your camera and its accessories easy.

Our basic classes help new photographers learn the technical aspects of digital photography. Brand new to photography and need to learn the basics? Consider taking our Digital Photography DSLR-101 class. Once you mastered that, take it a step further and take our Digital Photography DSLR-201 class to learn how to take control of your camera.


Shot with 16mm


Shot with 135mm






Our more advanced classes expand and push photographers that already have experience and skill. These types of classes are offered in workshop form and often feature experts and  professional photographers as speakers and teachers.


Adjust your shutter speed to “freeze action”


Adjust your shutter speed to give a sense of movement








From our DSLR 101 class to our brand-specific classes as part of our “Get Acquainted with Your Camera Series” (Nikon DSLR, Sony Mirrorless, Canon Rebel DSLR, Olympus OM DSLR, etc), Camera Land’s classes help all types of photographers hone their craft.

Camera Land likes to also feature monthly workshops that cover a variety of topics and supports experimentation and foster a sense of community among local photographers. We frequently host expert speakers and offer special events. Whether it is our monthly Super Thursdays that challenges photographers with a homework challenge for our Third Thursdays Club or our Digital Photo XChange meetings, the Camera Land Learning Center is a photography community that encourages learning, sharing, and general enjoyment.


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