This week were covering the key lens features. Knowing your lens and all its capabilities is important to ensure you’re getting the most out of your lenses.

Lens Mount

The lens mount allows to the camera to communicate with the lens on compatible cameras. It enables electronic communication between the lens and the camera to ensure accurate exposure and focus. Each camera system uses its own unique mount that may limit compatibility between the different manufacturer’s cameras and lenses.

AF/MF Switch

The AF/MF switch allows you to select either autofocus or manual focus mode. With just a simple switch, you can quickly switch between auto and manual focus while shooting, without having to change your holding position.

Zoom RingSony Lens

Some lenses come with a zoom ring, which allows you to mechanically alter the focal length of the lens by rotating the lens to either extend or retract the lens.  You can change the focal length in real-time as you’re shooting.

Distance Scale

The distance scale is useful for calculating depth of field. The distance scale becomes especially useful when taking landscape shots because you can make use of hyperfocal focusing to ensure front-to-back sharpness.

Focusing Ring

The focusing ring enables you to manually focus the lens by hand. Focusing is usually performed automatically on most lenses, but a focusing ring allows you to override this when needed.

Filter Thread

Most lenses have a small thread that runs along the end of the lens. This thread allows you to screw-in filters.

Lens Hood

Some lenses come with a lens hood, while other times it is an optional feature. Lens hoods act as barrier by preventing peripheral light from striking the front of the lens and causing lens flare.

Image Stabilizationoptical stabilizer lens

Some expensive lenses come with an extra feature that allows for optical image stabilization modes. Some have two modes, one for general camera shake and one to correct vertical shake when panning across an area.

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