Yes, you read the header correctly….. Swarovski has lowered the prices on all their Swarovski Z6 & Z6i Riflescopes. To make this announcement even more exciting, we have all models in stock ready to ship.


The elegant appearance conceals the state-of-the-art technology that gives you maximum performance at the crucial moment. The Z6(i) makes no compromises when it comes to outstanding optical performance. The large zoom range, the reticle that can be used as illuminated or non-illuminated, and the large eye relief ensure greater flexibility, higher precision, and greater safety when hunting. Its smart SWAROLIGHT function to the reticle is switched on when you move into the firing position. It saves time and energy, and ensures that you can focus on the main business at hand

Automatic shut-on and shut-off with inclination sensor for illuminated reticles, optimised electronics for higher battery life.

This non-stick coating on the lenses makes it easier to clean away dirt such as water marks, insect repellents, or tree resin.

6x Zoom:
The hallmark of the Z6 rifle scope: the 6x zoom combines a large field of view with pinpoint detail.

High Grid technology:
For even greater clarity and sharper delineation in the reticle of illuminated rifle scopes: even illumination for perfect reticle visibility. Maximum brightness in daylight and high-precision control into the night.

4A-300, BRX AND BRH Distance Reticles:
These reticles have been specifically developed for precise, accurate long-range shooting. Also available in illuminated versions.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss these great scopes or anything else @ 516-217-1000.


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